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JACQUES PAISABLE: Presto from Sonata VI for alto recorder & b.c. from The Business of Angels

Sample Audio Clips

Saltarello alla Veneziana from the Toronto Consortís CD The Da Vinci Collection

Mr Forster’s Jigg from The Compleat Flute-Master (London, 1695), from ‘The Business of Angels’

JOHN STANLEY: Adagio from Sonata No. 2
with Michael Jarvis, harpsichord

BEN GROSSMAN: The Ill-Fated Ornithopter
[Something in the Air]

Slow Ayre from John Young's Complete Instructor, 1700
[The Business of Angels]

JAMES OSWALD: Greensleeves
[She's Sweetest when she's Naked]

G.P. TELEMANN: Allegro from his Concerto à 3
Alison Melville, recorder; Derek Conrod, natural horn; Michael Jarvis, harpsichord; Mary Cyr, viola da gamba. (2’30) (from Archipelago)

NATHANIEL GOW: Lament for the Death of his Brother
Alison Melville, traverso; Kirk Elliott, celtic harp (1’53)
(from She’s sweetest when she’s naked)

MELVILLE/SINHA: The Hulder Girls go Shoe Shopping
Alison Melville, seljefløyte; Debashis Sinha, percussion(2’43)
(from Ensemble Polaris’s Not Much is Worse than a Troll)

A. CORELLI: Adagio from Sonata in F, op. V no. 4
Alison Melville, recorder; Michael Jarvis, harpsichord (1’52) (from Archipelago)

If you’d like to purchase any of these CDs, see the recordings page. Or, in the case of Archipelago and Not Much is Worse than a Troll, you can buy tunes on-line at iTunes, eMusic and elsewhere. For iTunes, click here.

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Banner photos: Paul Orenstein

“My favourite piece of music is the one we hear all the time if we are quiet.”

—John Cage