Argh. Covid-19.

With the need to go all-in on-line starting in March 2020, the TORONTO CONSORT decided to present our upcoming concert programs as films, and founded Early Music TV as the platform on which to present them. You can sample some of the offerings here: Scroll down the page for the ‘sneak peeks’ and to see what else is available.

Our full-length features so far are All In A Garden Green, A Medieval Christmas, Of Tricksters and Trolls, Fellowship of Creatures, and The Christmas Story.

It was a particular honour and joy to work with our guest colleagues Rene Meshake, Marilyn George, Jonathon Adams and Spy Dénommé-Welch on the Fellowship of Creatures project.

BAROQUE WANDERERS 2022. Well, for the last two years the covid-19 pandemic put a stop to pretty much ANY travel, but in early June Colin Savage and I are hoping to head to the internationally-celebrated Leipzig Bach Festival! We await Leipzig’s decision on how much distancing they will put in place for their concerts, which will affect our numbers, but we’re hopeful! If all goes well, the trip will begin a three-day visit to Hamburg.

If you’re interested in joining us, write to me at, or to our travel agent William Andrews at

Nikolaikirche, Leipzig

Some highlights from the latter part of 2018-19. =>