Final details and pricing for the June 2020 edition of Baroque Wanderers are now available! We’re headed to the internationally-celebrated Leipzig Bach Festival there! 18 concerts including performances of the St. John and St Matthew Passions and the B Minor Mass, the Magnificats of JS and CPE Bach, Goldberg Variations, concerts of chamber music and concertos, and a whole lot more. And the roster of performers is practically a Who’s Who of the European Baroque music scene. Looking forward to it already!

Write to our travel agent William Andrews at for the detailed itinerary, prices, and registration form. Registration deadline November 30, 2019.

Nikolaikirche, Leipzig

Some highlights from the latter part of 2018-19. =>

Just out, in time for Robbie Burns Day! Wonderful tunes from James Oswald’s The Caledonian Pocket Companion, set for C and F recorders, flutes and other melody instruments. It’s music close to my heart, and well worth the exploration if you’re not already familiar with it!

You can see a sample page and order yourself a copy here:



Well, THAT was fun too! Thank you to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, for hiring recorder players to play the recorder parts written in John Williams’s score to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azbakan! Judging by the scribblings in the part I received, these parts are usually attempted by flutists who don’t think there’s much recorder music harder than Three Blind Mice

Three live-to-projection shows with the orchestra at Toronto’s Sony Centre, for three full houses – the closest I’m ever going to get to screaming fans! Thanks also to conductor Jeffrey Schindler, and to John Williams for some great music.

Toronto Bach Festival, thanks for the opportunity to play two of the Brandenburg Concertos with some great colleagues, and for a warm, enthusiastic audience!

Many thanks to the Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra for the fun we had with  A Recorder Romp, and to all the folks who came out to hear us despite some pretty inhospitable winter weather! I had a great time preparing, rehearsals were great, and sharing the program with the audiences was a joy. Telemann, Vivaldi and some van Eyck – truly cheerful music, perfect for the middle of February.

BAROQUE WANDERERS, Part 2: Last summer my partner Colin and I hosted a Baroque-music-themed trip to northern Germany – Halle, Leipzig and Berlin – to hear some fantastic concerts and soak up the beautiful architecture, galleries and museums, good food…We had a great time with eighteen enthusiastic music lovers (and Taylor the service dog!). NEWS FLASH – we’re doing it again in August 2018, but this time to Bruges (Belgium), Amsterdam and Naestved (Denmark)! If you’re interested in hearing more and perhaps joining us, write to our travel agent William Andrews at