‘Where Melville especially shines is in the seven solo tunes from Oswald’s Caledonian Pocket Companion…Here the sound is close and intimate, and she shapes the phrases marvelously; music, breath, and ornaments are as one. This is art beyond time – the moment might last forever.’ Early Music America (USA)

‘Si l’angélisme est une entreprise, alors celle de ces musiciens de Toronto est promise à une belle prospérité…les pièces sur ce disque constituent de beaux exemples de musique profane anglaise du 17e siècle…jouées avec brilliance par les musiciens torontois. Alison Melville est une interprète de premier niveau…’ Le Scena musicale (QC)

‘As always, Alison Melville’s playing is exquisitely executed with warmth, wit and tenderness…these airs, dance tunes, variations and sonatas are performed with the grace, humour and touching sensitivity inherent in the music.’ The WholeNote (ON)

‘Sempre straordinari Alison Melville, il cui flauto barocco riesce a “cantare” come una voce umana…’ L’Ape Musicale 

‘I think she’s excellent.’ Grade 5 student, Lake Wilcox P.S. (ON)

‘…And what Melville could do with a simple cylindrical object was nothing short of goggling, alternating between carefully restraining the recorder’s high-pitched notes in Vamos al portal, and letting it fly with virtuosity during Gaitas & Folías gallegas.’ (ON)

‘Une disque charmante, où les frontières entre la musique traditionelle et la musique ‘savante’ disparaissent tout naturellement. Alison Melville et ses excellents partenaires jouent ce répertoire avec une aisance et une simplicité irrésistibles…’ Espace Musique, Radio Canada (QC)

“What a delightful program of English recorder music, performed by a brilliant group of musicians. Alison Melville is an absolute wonder.” American Record Guide (USA)

‘Melville’s playing, too, stands somewhat outside the norm. Eschewing a more obvious sense of virtuosity, she displays a quiet confidence that draws in the listener and makes the music a shared experience. There is definitely technical prowess on display, but in many ways Melville…seems to take special delight in pointing out the beauties of this little known, but very enjoyable, music.’ American Recorder (USA)

‘Alison Melville also brought moments of angelic, and sometimes titillating, flute playing.’ The Square (ON)

‘She approaches this treasury of melody with a fine ear and a stunning technique on both instruments, but also with that swaggering x-factor which allows her to bring out the essential character of this idiomatic repertoire.’ Newsletter, Early Music Forum of Scotland

‘The dazzling Toronto Consort sings and plays as if they had just been let out of their winter hibernation and were ready to make up for lost time, including some very hot recorder playing by Alison Melville.’  Southern California Early Music News

‘Guest soloist Alison Melville added warmth and fluidity to the fleeting accompaniments which wafted happily from the period instruments of her colleagues…Melville’s unerring technique and phrasing were particularly enjoyable in the jolly Sammartini…’ JWR Reviews (ON)

‘Alison Melville is one of Canada’s leading recorder players; her performances here combine scholarship, elegance and vitality, and capture the spirit of the music with authority and conviction…a fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable disc.’ The Recorder Magazine (UK)

‘La flutiste a commencé le concert avec une exécution pleine de brio et de finesse…’ Le Soleil (QC)

‘Melville is…a musician with the imagination to bring an element of playfulness to what could easily sound like formulaic note-spinning.’ Toronto Star (ON)